Dermal Fillers

Face and lip fillers are injections used to fill out wrinkles and creases in the skin. They can be used to increase the volume and definition of the face.


What is a dermal filler?

A dermal filler is made up of hyaluronic acid. It restores the faces viscoelastic properties filling wrinkles and giving more volume. This can help to create a more aesthetically pleasing result. The body produces natural hyaluronic acid which gives the face its viscoelastic properties and keeps the face structured and supported. With age the body loses its ability to produce hyaluronic acid resulting in the appearance of nose to lip lines, lips become thinner, cheeks become shallow and jowls start appearing to name a few.
What is it used for?

Below are examples of what fillers can be used for, get in touch to discuss your needs.

Dermal Filler FAQ's

frequently asked questions

A dermal filler is injected under the skin via a needle or canula. The filler is a gel which provides a varied amount of volume and structure.

Injections can cause discomfort even when a very fine needle is used, especially in areas around the lips. Before any treatment is carried out a local anaesthetic cream can be applied and given time to numb the area. This together with an experienced practitioner will make the treatment a lot less painful.

The injection process itself is 15-30 minutes. Before a treatment takes place a safety, medical and aesthetic assessment will be undertaken to ensure quality and safety at all stages of treatment. 

The Doctor Cosmetologist Makes The Rejuvenating Injections Proce

Results are subjective and very individual, the likely results will be discussed with you prior to any treatment. Typically, some dermal fillers can now show results for up to 18 months with the lip area typically lasting between 6 and 9 months.

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