WOW fusion®

The WOW fusion is a unique new needling device that allows your practitioner to design a bespoke personalised cocktail especially for your skin. The personalised serum is delivered via 20 gold plated titanium needles that are as fine as a human hair. The needles create micro channels in the skin and deliver the serum where it needs to be, to improve the skin condition at a cellular level.

What is WOW fusion®?

The WOW fusion® device is a small medical device with 20 very small (0.6mm) and very fine needles. The treatment is a fusion of micro-needling, mesotherapy and skin nutrition. Your practitioner will then make a personalised, sterile skincare  solution using various skin loving ingredients. The WOW fusion® device is lightly stamped into the skin and the 20 small needles deposit your personalised skincare solution, under the protective layer of the skin. Here it makes a dramatic difference to the hydration, condition and health of your skin. The WOW fusion® device has the potential to be slightly uncomfortable for some, but the results are WOW.

High-Quality Skin Solutions

The team at WOW facial are experts in hyper-personalised skin solutions. With a focus on delivering educational skin health messages whilst teasing your skin back to its full potential. All practitioners who deliver WOW fusion® treatments have been trained to the highest quality standard.

What is it used for?

WOW fusion® can be used to treat the following skin concerns:

What are the benefits of having a WOW fusion® treatment?
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